Imagine a place where Chassidus becomes a reality. Where chassidim live in sincere effort to fulfill the dreams of our Rebbeim. A place where children run freely and discover the world through the eyes of the Torah. Imagine living in a village where everyone is welcome to discover their innermost treasures, while encouraged by a loving community.

Welcome to Neve Chabad.

Neve Chabad is a group that will one day be a village. We’re working together to create our dream.

It all started when a few young Chabad families decided to stop imagining, and start doing. We joined together and wrote up our plan. Now we’re working with OR Movement to make it a reality.

We’ve put a lot of thought into our village life. Here you can read our dream.Learn More
Meet our dynamic team through our blog. We’ll all introduce ourselves.Learn More
Read our plan and now you’re full of questions? We’ll try our best here.Learn More