Apply for the Neve Chabad Waitlist!

Even if you’re not ready for the intensive pioneering stage of Neve Chabad, you can still join the mission, and plan for the future. Being in the Neve Chabad Waitlist means:

  • Joining an active Neve Chabad Waitlist online community (coming soon!)
  • Invitations to two annual events for the greater Neve Chabad community
  • Getting notified when Neve Chabad housing plots are ready for purchase

It’s important to understand that being on the waitlist does not guarantee purchase of a home in Neve Chabad; in fact, Neve Chabad cannot guarantee a purchase to anyone. When ready to fully join the Neve Chabad community, members of the Neve Chabad Waitlist will need to fill in a complete pioneer application, and follow through the acceptance process.

All the early residents of Neve Chabad will be pioneers of an important mission! Before applying for the waitlist, please read this, so that you can get a good picture of what it means to be a Neve Chabad pioneer.

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