Want to pioneer?

We’re still in the very early pioneering stages. Families joining in this stage need to be up for a challenge, passionate about the project, capable, and able to fit in with the rest of the small group. This stage has a 30 family limit.

If you’re not up for the pioneering stages, don’t worry; you can wait until we’re ready to welcome the rest of the community in! It might be a while until then, so for now, please follow our blogs or Facebook to find out when we’re ready for the next group to apply.

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Are you ready to pioneer?

Ask yourself these questions first. If you answer yes to all of them, then please apply! Otherwise, you probably need to do some more research before filling in the form.

This is a huge life choice, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. The page called “The Plan” is very important to read, including all the extra information under the “Read More” links. 

Neve Chabad is in Israel, after all. The culture is entirely different. The language is different. The jobs are different. Family might be far away. It’s difficult, but if you decide to love it, then you probably will.

You, your spouse, and your kids will be up for a huge challenge. We’re starting a new village from scratch. Yeah the community will be awesome, and there’ll be tons of perks, and life will be so fulfilling… But, it will be hard. We won’t know when we’ll be moving next. At the start we may be living in thin walled carravillas. There won’t be a food store or doctor’s office within walking distance. You’ll have to get along with everyone. Your kids will be commuting to school, and you’ll probably be commuting to work. Things can get quite unpredictable. Do you manage well under pressure? 

Everyone in the community will be a walking example of what a Chabad Chassid is. It’s especially important that the pioneering group have strong chassidishe values, since the founding group sets the trend for the future.

For the first few years, the Neve Chabad community will be very small. You’ll be seeing the same people every day. This means that you’ll need to be able to make friends easily, and get along with people very well. 

Please only fill out the form once you’re sure this is right for you and your family.

Please ask us any questions using our contact form.


Yes! My family is ready to pioneer with the Neve Chabad Team!

If you answered with a yes to all the above questions, then please go ahead and apply! We're looking forward to receiving your form. Don't worry, everything will be kept confidential. Hatzlacha!


Fill in this quick form and we’ll contact you when we’re ready for the next stage:

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