Give Back

Neve Chabad will foster an atmosphere of love for the Jewish State and people. People will want to contribute and give back to the country they love so much. Everyone will be encouraged to do their part to make this country even greater.



The Negev contains a large empty plane of potential. With the great technological advances, and God’s help, we can make the desert bloom. Neve Chabad will have a large agricultural program with the aim of nutritional independence and profit for the yishuv. The yishuv will grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, and manage a farm of livestock.


Jewish Learning Resort

There are 3,600 Chabad centres worldwide, serving Jewry of all backgrounds. Very often an attendee of a Chabad centre wishes to learn more about Judaism in depth – beyond the weekly Torah classes. These people are past the yeshiva age, and often would like to go learn with their spouse, or family. This phenomena isn’t only true to Chabad centres – there are people of all kinds who wish to take a break to go and discover Judaism in all its wisdom.

Neve Chabad will house a Jewish Learning Resort that provides a panoramic learning experience of all things Jewish. The resort will provide an upscale relaxing atmosphere perfect for learning and absorbing Jewish wisdom at its finest. A plethora of learning possibilities such as Torah classes, one-on-one chavrusa learning, and hands-on experiences will be provided for all resort guests.

Chabad centres will also be bringing in group tours for seminars and retreats. These seminars will be open to the public and cover different themes in Jewish studies.

The resort will not just bring in tourists, it will bring its visitors to love and support Israel, and understand the importance of the land of Israel. Some may continue to support Israel from a distance – with occasional visits, and others may ultimately choose to make aliyah.


Gap Year

Worldwide there are over 220 Campus Chabad centres. Each year, Rabbis and Rebbetzins come across many students who wish to take a gap year in Israel, but are not yet ready for one of the available full-time yeshiva programs. Neve Chabad’s gap-year program will provide an attractive alternative with volunteering on the land, and a few Torah classes each day.

The program will also offer college credits towards environmental sustainability or agriculture. Students will walk away with not just a valuable diploma, but also a deep connection to their homeland.


Absorption of Olim

While there are no solid statistics, it’s widely known that olim from North America have a very hard time settling in Israel, and many end up returning to America. Neve Chabad will be set up from the start to steadily absorb English-speaking olim with ease.


Additional Projects

As the Neve Chabad community grows, the amount of projects to benefit the country and Jews as a whole will grow too. Some of the plans for the future include:

  • Lone soldier hospitality
  • Model city for creating energy independence
  • Winery with a cultural twist
  • Hands-on Torah learning model
  • Foster Care program
  • Facilitate resort for special need group tours, such as The Friendship Circle


Neve Chabad Plan

We are young families from around the world who embrace the ways of Chabad Chassidus, and love the land of Israel.

We want to create a Yishuv that will be a model of a warm, non-judgmental, and loving Judaism. A place that will welcome in groups of all types, from Israel and abroad, to experience a sample of what a Jewish community can be.

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Due to the recent rise in Aliyah amongst the Chabad community, there will be a strong demand to join our yishuv. We will have a committee to ensure that our yishuv grows at a healthy rate, with a good balance of personalities.

We seek members who are peaceful folk devoted to a life of Chabad Chassidus; always striving to grow in a positive way, and with a healthy open-mindedness. We also require of new families to be able to support themselves financially, and hold a strong work-ethic.

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The Neve Chabad community will be structured to bring up children who believe in giving back to our country and fellow citizens. Several programs and institutions will be run by the Yishuv members which will encourage this further, including:

  • Agricultural farming to bring out the land’s potential.
  • Jewish learning resort for people from all over the world.
  • Gap year volunteer and learning program for international students.
  • Steady absorption of many new olim.

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Our Yishuv will strive to apply original Chabad Chassidic values to modern needs. These will be encouraged by our community programs:

  • Weekly community gatherings for personal and social growth.
  • Community guides who ensure that every individual family is included and cared for.
  • Children’s leadership programs to guide children in a positive direction.
  • Volunteer roles for every yishuv member.
  • Affordable living committee devoted to using eco-friendly and agricultural methods.

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The area around Arad and Be’er Sheva, holds a promising and prosperous future. Neve Chabad is the perfect asset to the area, and we look forward to making the potential bloom.

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