Chabad-Lubavitch Values

The name Chabad comes from the three words “Chochma, Bina, Daat – wisdom, comprehension, knowledge.” These allude to the thought process that brings people to powerful action. The teachings of Chabad are all about using wisdom and comprehension to come to a proper understanding of life, and ultimately to make the correct life choices.

At the start of the Chabad movement, it was centred in the city of Lubavitch, which translates as “city of brotherly love.” The movement has a huge focus on the unconditional love and care for every single Jew, no matter their background. Many of its teachings focus solely on how to love a fellow Jew, even when one’s heart says otherwise.

Community life in Neve Chabad will be centred around Chabad-Lubavitch values, as was the historic village of Lubavitch. While the community will have a large focus on outreach, it will also have a strong core of education and love towards fellow yishuv members.



Happy communities need solid leadership. Neve Chabad will have respected leaders to guide the community towards the right goals.

The Rav of Neve Chabad will be someone who is in touch with both religious and secular aspects of the world, understands human struggle, and how to lead with powerful kindness.

There will also be community leaders whose job is to look out for the needs of individual community members and ensure that no one falls through the cracks. They will keep an eye out for communal challenges and organise solutions to keep everything going in a positive direction.



Most families arriving at the yishuv will be coming from far away with no family, and very little knowledge of Israel and yishuv life. They will have many questions on all the details of living in Israel, and bringing up children in Israel. Some questions might be embarrassing to ask the public, and some people may be too shy to ask for help. Even as time passes and the family adjusts to the new life, they may still have the challenge of being far away from their parents or whatever guides they turned to previously. To help make things smoother, we will have the adopted family program.

When a new family arrives at the yishuv, they will be greeted by a senior family and welcomed as if they were “adopted family”. The senior family will be there to help the new family adjust properly into the yishuv. They will invite them for meals, introduce them to friends, help them get to know yishuv life, and be open for any questions and guidance needed.



At the start of Neve Chabad, most school children will commute to the Chabad schools in Be’er Sheva. The Chabad schools in Be’er Sheva are known to be successful at education and catering to the individual child.

As the yishuv grows, schools will be built up starting from daycare. Yishuv schools will be built slowly with care to ensure only the best for our children. Teachers in the schools will all be accredited and highly respected by students and parents alike.

The schooling system in Neve Chabad will be completely different from the standard religious school of today. The focus from the start will be on preparing the children for life with the skills needed in this modern world. Classes will address the individual kid, rather than the average. Studies will be filled with hands-on experiences from around the yishuv.

Parents on the yishuv need to be open-minded and excited about creating a new school system that brings out the best in their child. Teachers will also provide weekly classes to parents, to keep them in touch with their children’s education.



A farbrengen is a time for a group of friends to gather together and inspire each other with heart-to-heart conversation. It gives a powerful recharge for people to continue moving in a positive direction, even through difficult times. The community will have weekly farbrengens (with different times for men and women) leading to positive individual and social growth.



Learning never ends, and definitely not in Neve Chabad. There will always be classes covering all topics in Torah, Chassidut, Parenting, Health, and other topics practical to life. It will be strongly encouraged that every community member attend at least one weekly Torah session.


Youth Programs

The youth are the driving inspiration behind Neve Chabad, and the most worthy investment. Children will all be enrolled in a well-planned Tzivos Hashem club. The club is designed to instil strong leadership skills and kindness into every child. The children will have weekly meetings to plan projects that train in different life skills. Teen graduates of Tzivos Hashem will become the counsellors for the next generation of the club.

While the Tzivos Hashem is meant for children, the club will also bring real life influence to the Yishuv as a whole. The projects of the children will often be ones that inspire and affect everyone around. Thus, children from Neve Chabad will grow into adults who know how to take charge of a situation and bring positive change.



It’s important that every member of Neve Chabad feels like they are a contributing part of a bigger picture. Every member, no matter how affluent, will have at least one volunteer job around the yishuv. Volunteer opportunities come in a large variety so that everyone can pick something that utilises a real talent. Some examples include gardening, partner learning with visitors, setting up classes, beautifying the yishuv, security, and hosting guests for meals.



From the setup, Neve Chabad will be very nature oriented. There will be lots of outdoor play space for children, outdoor seating for adults, and efforts to keep the outdoors clean and beautiful. Families will be encouraged to keep gardens in front of their homes to help make the outdoor scene beautiful.

There will also be many outdoor events, including bonfires, community picnics, and Torah classes.



There are many small aspects of community life that are important, but often get overlooked in the face of larger projects. In order to ensure that important details are taken care of, Neve Chabad will have small committees entrusted with long term missions. Below is a list of some of the committees for community life:

  • Community – to keep an overall lookout on the needs and peace of the community, and address any challenges that may arise.
  • Welcoming – to make sure that every new Yishuv member gets a nice welcoming, including a guide booklet, basic house-warming kit, and whatever else it takes to settle in well.
  • Self Sufficiency – this committee will create a ten year plan to make the yishuv self-sufficient. They will focus on green energy and other environmentally friendly methods.
  • Jobs – while it’s a prerequisite to have a profession in order to join the yishuv, employment is never a guarantee in life. The job committee will be there to help people find jobs, create jobs on the yishuv, and encourage the hiring of yishuv members. They will also be there to give guidance to yishuv small businesses.
  • Women’s – often women, especially busy mothers, push their own needs to the back. This committee is to make sure that the women get their share of inspiration as well as times to relax with friends.
  • Men’s – to arrange the programs and ongoing classes for men to attend.
  • Children’s – in charge of the Tzivos Hashem club program, and in general ensuring that the children have adequate guidance and programs.


Neve Chabad Plan

We are young families from around the world who embrace the ways of Chabad Chassidus, and love the land of Israel.

We want to create a Yishuv that will be a model of a warm, non-judgmental, and loving Judaism. A place that will welcome in groups of all types, from Israel and abroad, to experience a sample of what a Jewish community can be.

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Due to the recent rise in Aliyah amongst the Chabad community, there will be a strong demand to join our yishuv. We will have a committee to ensure that our yishuv grows at a healthy rate, with a good balance of personalities.

We seek members who are peaceful folk devoted to a life of Chabad Chassidus; always striving to grow in a positive way, and with a healthy open-mindedness. We also require of new families to be able to support themselves financially, and hold a strong work-ethic.

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The Neve Chabad community will be structured to bring up children who believe in giving back to our country and fellow citizens. Several programs and institutions will be run by the Yishuv members which will encourage this further, including:

  • Agricultural farming to bring out the land’s potential.
  • Jewish learning resort for people from all over the world.
  • Gap year volunteer and learning program for international students.
  • Steady absorption of many new olim.

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Our Yishuv will strive to apply original Chabad Chassidic values to modern needs. These will be encouraged by our community programs:

  • Weekly community gatherings for personal and social growth.
  • Community guides who ensure that every individual family is included and cared for.
  • Children’s leadership programs to guide children in a positive direction.
  • Volunteer roles for every yishuv member.
  • Affordable living committee devoted to using eco-friendly and agricultural methods.

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The area around Arad and Be’er Sheva, holds a promising and prosperous future. Neve Chabad is the perfect asset to the area, and we look forward to making the potential bloom.

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