The Negev

The Negev is extremely important to Israel’s future. The vast amount of space is essential for housing more citizens, and producing more food. Slowly, people are beginning to move southward to enjoy it’s benefits. But much needs to be done to prepare for more inhabitants. Neve Chabad hopes to push the population of the Negev forward, by creating a liveable opportunity for many families.



Neve Chabad will largely be an agricultural yishuv, therefore its location needs to have full agricultural capabilities.

There is a huge influx of opportunities that comes together with the agricultural projects of Neve Chabad, such as educational tours, and individual self-sufficiency. Every bit of available land brings more growth opportunity, and expands the economy.


Residential Area

Neve Chabad will have a large and spacious residential area, with enough space to comfortably fit the following:

  • Suburban housing for 400 families.
  • A spacious resort.
  • Dormitories and classroom space for the gap-year program.
  • A large shul and mikveh.
  • Schools.
  • Community centre.
  • Other necessary community amenities.
  • Commutable Location

It is essential that the location of Neve Chabad be of reasonable commute to Be’er Sheva and close distance to Yerushalayim.

Until the yishuv builds its own schools, the majority of the children will be travelling daily to the well-reputed Chabad schools in Be’er Sheva.

Being that the yishuv will be mostly filled with young families, it is imperative that there be a short distance to Soroka hospital.

Many other aspects of yishuv life will require close proximity to other major cities. Many members will have jobs in larger cities, Mehadrin Kosher food will be brought in, and tourist groups will need to be close to the major sites.



Neve Chabad Plan

We are young families from around the world who embrace the ways of Chabad Chassidus, and love the land of Israel.

We want to create a Yishuv that will be a model of a warm, non-judgmental, and loving Judaism. A place that will welcome in groups of all types, from Israel and abroad, to experience a sample of what a Jewish community can be.

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Due to the recent rise in Aliyah amongst the Chabad community, there will be a strong demand to join our yishuv. We will have a committee to ensure that our yishuv grows at a healthy rate, with a good balance of personalities.

We seek members who are peaceful folk devoted to a life of Chabad Chassidus; always striving to grow in a positive way, and with a healthy open-mindedness. We also require of new families to be able to support themselves financially, and hold a strong work-ethic.

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The Neve Chabad community will be structured to bring up children who believe in giving back to our country and fellow citizens. Several programs and institutions will be run by the Yishuv members which will encourage this further, including:

  • Agricultural farming to bring out the land’s potential.
  • Jewish learning resort for people from all over the world.
  • Gap year volunteer and learning program for international students.
  • Steady absorption of many new olim.

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Our Yishuv will strive to apply original Chabad Chassidic values to modern needs. These will be encouraged by our community programs:

  • Weekly community gatherings for personal and social growth.
  • Community guides who ensure that every individual family is included and cared for.
  • Children’s leadership programs to guide children in a positive direction.
  • Volunteer roles for every yishuv member.
  • Affordable living committee devoted to using eco-friendly and agricultural methods.

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The area around Arad and Be’er Sheva, holds a promising and prosperous future. Neve Chabad is the perfect asset to the area, and we look forward to making the potential bloom.

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