The Start

Due to its fast growth, the international Chabad community has long needed a new place for its young families to settle. The needs of the community are simple, yet scarcely accommodated to: community support, affordable housing, Chabad schooling, a Chabad environment, and quality leadership.

Many young Chabad families want to make aliyah to Israel, but are hesitant due to the distance from family, and cultural differences.

In 2011 Mendy and Bruria Efune realised that it’s time to start a new community for Chabad olim to Israel. The yishuv would be created to fit the needs of a specific demographic. They shared their plans with a few select talented Chabad families, and the group was founded. It was decided that no matter what it took, they would build the yishuv – nothing would stop them.


The Ideology

Neve Chabad is founded on a common ideology, one which unites the group for a higher cause. The ideology comes from Chabad Chassidus, which teaches that one must constantly strive to perfect the world through acts of goodness and kindness.



Neve Chabad will be specifically for families who wish to live in the Chabad lifestyle. The vast majority will be new olim who are used to the culture of Chabad in America. The yishuv will keep strong Chassidic standards, while maintaining an open-mind and readiness to integrate the modern world into the Chassidic lifestyle as the Chabad Rebbe encouraged.



The Neve Chabad group brings a powerful uniqueness to the table. The group isn’t driven by a want, but by a need. The growing Chabad community needs a new place for young families to live, with a fresh perspective on community life.

The personal struggles and discomforts that come with building a new yishuv are easier to deal with when there is a greater goal. The group is determined, perseverant, and will make things happen in the best way possible.



In order to prepare for a vibrant future, the Neve Chabad group has chosen to start off with an extremely talented group full of diverse capabilities, and pleasant character traits.

First and foremost, members are peaceful and humble, while still strong and determined. Members are all visionaries who appreciate their neighbour’s success as their own.

Careers of members cover a wide range, including businessmen, working class, and professionals with high level degrees. Many have portable work-from-home jobs. Everyone is fully employable and of a strong work ethic.



Currently, the Neve Chabad pioneering families live in Be’er Sheva as a close-knit community, working together towards the goal of building a new yishuv.



Neve Chabad Plan

We are young families from around the world who embrace the ways of Chabad Chassidus, and love the land of Israel.

We want to create a Yishuv that will be a model of a warm, non-judgmental, and loving Judaism. A place that will welcome in groups of all types, from Israel and abroad, to experience a sample of what a Jewish community can be.

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Due to the recent rise in Aliyah amongst the Chabad community, there will be a strong demand to join our yishuv. We will have a committee to ensure that our yishuv grows at a healthy rate, with a good balance of personalities.

We seek members who are peaceful folk devoted to a life of Chabad Chassidus; always striving to grow in a positive way, and with a healthy open-mindedness. We also require of new families to be able to support themselves financially, and hold a strong work-ethic.

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The Neve Chabad community will be structured to bring up children who believe in giving back to our country and fellow citizens. Several programs and institutions will be run by the Yishuv members which will encourage this further, including:

  • Agricultural farming to bring out the land’s potential.
  • Jewish learning resort for people from all over the world.
  • Gap year volunteer and learning program for international students.
  • Steady absorption of many new olim.

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Our Yishuv will strive to apply original Chabad Chassidic values to modern needs. These will be encouraged by our community programs:

  • Weekly community gatherings for personal and social growth.
  • Community guides who ensure that every individual family is included and cared for.
  • Children’s leadership programs to guide children in a positive direction.
  • Volunteer roles for every yishuv member.
  • Affordable living committee devoted to using eco-friendly and agricultural methods.

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The area around Arad and Be’er Sheva, holds a promising and prosperous future. Neve Chabad is the perfect asset to the area, and we look forward to making the potential bloom.

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