Neve Chabad aims to create a community of doers who wish to constantly improve the yishuv’s dynamics, and create change in the world. People coming to the yishuv will be coming not just for an easier life, but for the ability to have a real affect on the world and accomplish great things.



It’s no secret that Chabad loves Israel. Many young Chabad families want to make aliyah, but are faced with two main challenges. One challenge stems from a cultural difference. The Chabad culture in Israel has large differences from that of abroad. Thus, families that move from a diaspora Chabad community to an Israeli one, end up feeling isolated and confused. The other is a distance from family and friends. While Chabadnikim are no strangers to travel and distance, it’s still hard to bring up a family without a strong support system. Neve Chabad solves these two issues, creating a smooth path for the hundreds who wish to settle in the Holy Land.

Aliyah is a huge part of Neve Chabad. Sixty percent of members will be new olim; twenty percent will be olim who are relocating; and the remaining twenty percent will have been born in Israel, though often to parents who are olim.

With the vast majority of members being from anglo countries, cultural differences will be minor and easy to adapt to. And since most members will be able to relate to the struggles of aliyah, it will be easier for new olim to settle in and find new friends and family who understand them.


Young Families

Young Chabad couples and families are looking for a new place to settle. Most standard communities have outgrown their location and leave the younger generations falling through the cracks. Many of this young generation will come to Neve Chabad seeking a community built to their needs, with leadership that understands the modern world. Major attractions for these new families include:

  • A community system built by people who understand the challenges of fusing a modern world with a Chabad Chassidic lifestyle.
  • The ability to use their given talents to contribute to the community, and help the worldwide Jewish community.
  • A strong sense of community where everyone is cared for and has support from their neighbours.
  • A schooling system that is created from the ground up to teach the children kindness, and empower them with the tools they need for the fast-changing world.
  • A safe location for women and children to walk around without fear.



Housing costs in major cities are sky-high, and only continue to get more expensive. To live near the Chabad Headquarters in Crown Heights, a family needs to pay over $1,200 for an old one bedroom apartment. In the large Chabad community of Thornhill, Canada, it’s no different. Add that to the cost of private school – often $10,000/year per child, and things get very tight for the middle class family.

Many families who work hard and earn a good salary, would be doing very well financially if not for the high cost of housing and schooling. These families would do very well in Neve Chabad. Huge financial savings for these families include:

  • Affordable housing. Neve Chabad will set up rental homes for young families to pay low rent while they save up to buy or build their own home.
  • Affordable schooling. Even with added classes and programs to match the Chabad curriculum, school tuitions would be a fraction of the cost of its match in the diaspora.
  • Jobs committee. There will be a committee of successful businessmen dedicated to creating jobs within the yishuv, and providing incentives to yishuv members who hire from within the yishuv.
  • Affordable living committee – a committee dedicated to keeping the costs of living low for the community. This will be expounded on further in chapter four.



Neve Chabad Plan

We are young families from around the world who embrace the ways of Chabad Chassidus, and love the land of Israel.

We want to create a Yishuv that will be a model of a warm, non-judgmental, and loving Judaism. A place that will welcome in groups of all types, from Israel and abroad, to experience a sample of what a Jewish community can be.

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Due to the recent rise in Aliyah amongst the Chabad community, there will be a strong demand to join our yishuv. We will have a committee to ensure that our yishuv grows at a healthy rate, with a good balance of personalities.

We seek members who are peaceful folk devoted to a life of Chabad Chassidus; always striving to grow in a positive way, and with a healthy open-mindedness. We also require of new families to be able to support themselves financially, and hold a strong work-ethic.

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The Neve Chabad community will be structured to bring up children who believe in giving back to our country and fellow citizens. Several programs and institutions will be run by the Yishuv members which will encourage this further, including:

  • Agricultural farming to bring out the land’s potential.
  • Jewish learning resort for people from all over the world.
  • Gap year volunteer and learning program for international students.
  • Steady absorption of many new olim.

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Our Yishuv will strive to apply original Chabad Chassidic values to modern needs. These will be encouraged by our community programs:

  • Weekly community gatherings for personal and social growth.
  • Community guides who ensure that every individual family is included and cared for.
  • Children’s leadership programs to guide children in a positive direction.
  • Volunteer roles for every yishuv member.
  • Affordable living committee devoted to using eco-friendly and agricultural methods.

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The area around Arad and Be’er Sheva, holds a promising and prosperous future. Neve Chabad is the perfect asset to the area, and we look forward to making the potential bloom.

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