Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook and bake for people. Must be why my absolute favorite mitzvah is cooking a meal for a family who just had a baby or G-d forbid when someone isn’t well.  This mitzvah is something I loved doing in my old community in Las Vegas where I lived for 19 years.

Since we made Aliyah, and joined the Neve Chabad Community, BH a few babies were born, and a couple times people needed meals for other reasons.  But I realized quickly that it’s not quite as easy here.  Since we are so new here and didn’t get a car yet, shopping and delivering the meals required more effort and planning.  I found myself kvetching about this mitzvah for the first time, since walking over the food after a long day at work was not so appealing.  And I didn’t like that at all since I love to do things b’simcha.

But then I realized that living in Israel gave me an amazing opportunity to have my kids take part in this beautiful mitzvah.  The last few meals were proudly delivered by my children.  The first time only 2 of them walked to deliver the food.  And they loved it so much that the next time, the 3 younger ones insisted on all going together (and this is quite a change from the first few weeks, when they complained about any walking they had to do here, since in Vegas people pretty much only go places by car).  My kids get to be a part of this mitzvah that they never got to share in before.

When they left the house last Friday to drop off some food for a family in need, it hit me what a different life we have here and how great these changes are.  My kids are able to go places by themselves.  My 14 year old goes to the store, the bakery, the pizza place for me all the time and loves having the responsibility and the chance to practice his Hebrew. My kids have grown, and matured, they made great new friends.  They are adjusting well to their new schools and completely new environment and are learning a whole new language (hearing them speak Hebrew may just be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard and makes me swell with pride).  And this, and SO many more reasons are why I’m grateful that we made a decision to make Aliyah.