A few months ago a Google Drive Spreadsheet went viral amongst the diaspora Jewish community. You probably saw it – it was a crowd-sourced chart of tuition in Jewish schools around the world. It was terrifying.

In Israel almost all schools are fully funded by the government. Chabad schools have additional costs for added curriculum and events. We put together a chart of the approximate annual tuition for each Chabad school in Be’er Sheva.

It’s important to remember that (a) things can and do vary from year to year; (b) fees can adjust according to family size and income; and (c), as with everything in Israel – it’s all negotiable.

Tuition for Chabad Schools in Be’er Sheva in 5777:

School Division Annual Tuition in NIS Annual Tuition in USD*
Gan (ages 3-5) Up to ₪500 $130
Girls Elementary Free, with small supplies fees $0
Boys Elementary ₪2,400 – ₪6,000 $630 – $1,570
Girls High School ₪1,800 $470
Boys Yeshiva  (with dorm) ₪7,200 $1,900

*Converted with the dollar at $0.26 to ₪1

Daycare in Israel, called “maon,” is not completely publicly funded, but working mothers are eligible for large discounts in public daycares, depending on their hours and salary. Many parents prefer to send their children to smaller private daycares, called “mishpacton.” These are slightly more expensive, but the children typically receive more care.

Lower tuition isn’t the only advantage of having publicly funded schools. Because our schools don’t need to focus on deficits and fundraising, they can focus on creating excellent education and hiring the best teachers. The Chabad schools in Be’er Sheva have won many awards for their innovative education system, and attract students of all backgrounds from all over the region.

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