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I'm Michal's husband and father of our nine amazing kids. I work as a Sofer Stam and tour guide specializing in Tanach sites and Jewish history. I also love gardening, hiking, and learning and teaching Chassidus.

The Scream Heard Around the World

An aged but tough looking man came running up to the Tefillin stand I was manning at the mall in Be’er Sheva this Friday. I don’t know him but my fellow Neve Chabad members Mendy Efune, Chaim Lichy, and I, man this stand every week and I’ve seen him many times before. Around 70 years old, […]

What I Heard the Candles Say Tonight

I bet Chanukah in your home looks a lot like it does in ours.

Tonight, as on every night of Chanukah every year, and like millions of Jews before me for over 2,000 years, I sat up my Menorah and lit the lights with my family.

I started by twisting strands of cotton into wicks. You […]

By |December 27th, 2016|Chassidus|2 Comments

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Let’s Get Real

The only thing that is real is relationship. Everything else is an illusion.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Think about your own body. You think you know it, but do you really? It’s made up of many parts that must work together to make it function. Yet the sum of the parts is worthless if […]

Will Your Smartphone Bring Moshiach?

About three months ago I saw some chatter online about this new app called Periscope which allows people to live-broadcast from their phone. I’m always looking out for new ways to market my Tour guiding and my Mezuzah website. So I downloaded the app and started to check it out.

At first what I saw were a lot […]