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A PhD candidate in sustainable planning and a Chassid. I love learning, and applying new knowledge to everyday use. When I study Chassidut, I try to translate it to simple practical concepts.

Life in a Country of Mishpacha 

Every time I arrive in a different country around the world, there’s always this oppressive feeling of foreigness, of being out of place.

This feeling diminishes according to the Jewish presence level in the place. When abroad, being surrounded by Jews makes me feel more relaxed, more at home.

I just read a story by a shaliach in […]

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The Holiday of Holidays

Today I have accomplished an assignment given to me by the Rebbe (through the Igros HaKodesh – a compilation of communications written by the Rebbe) two years ago, when my wife and I asked him for his blessing for our shidduch.

The Rebbe congratulated us, and encouraged us to have the wedding ASAP. He also […]

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The Mysterious Square Mountain and the Amazing Food Towers

I love Rashi; learning the parshah with Rashi can sometimes be truly rewarding. Especially when you’re influenced by the Rebbe’s Biurim.

We’re Parshas Eikev this week, and there you can find a somewhat peculiar Rashi on the passuk…
But the land, to which you pass to possess, is a land of mountains and valleys and absorbs […]

How I Discovered Sustainability

Since our village is going to be a sustainable village, and since sustainability is practically my profession, I’d like to tell you a little about it.

Although nowadays sustainability is a pretty common concept – there’s even a funny xkcd about it, it wasn’t always like that – especially in Israel.

However, today people use the word […]