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I love my family, I think people are awesome, and Chabad Chassidus is my inspiration. My life's goal is to make Neve Chabad thrive beyond imagination. I work at OR Movement for the Development of the Negev & Galilee.

My Yom Kippur Prayer

Dear God,

On this eve of Yom Kippur, I want to apologize for all the times You put a gift in my hands, and I turned it down. 

For all the times You gave me the tremendous gift of speech; with the power of prayer, of unifying words, words to comfort, and words to uplift—but I […]

When Beauty is Shattered

I wrote this years ago, after a tumultous time in my younger life. It’s the most personal and soul-bearing thing I’ve ever written, so it’s been hiding in my diary since then.

Today a friend inspired me to share it, because many of us have had the same experience, in one way or another, and […]

Kislev Highlights: Light it Up!

Ladies Rosh Chodesh Kislev. As usual, the month started off with an inspirational Rosh Chodesh Kislev gathering for all English speaking ladies in Be’er Sheva. Hosted by Michla Lichy, who coordinates the Be’er Sheva Chabad House for English Speakers, the evening included a talk about creating light in the world, and a beautiful lamp-making […]

We Woke Up to a Siren and Then Terrifying News

3:30am. Some sounds are so strange and surreal, you can never really get used to them. Everyone should have been sleeping, but a strange echoing siren was ringing through the air. I’d heard it many times before, but still wasn’t sure if I was dreaming.
“I think that’s a siren.”
“Yeah,” my husband sleepily answered.
“You get […]

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