Dr. Chaim Arias

About Dr. Chaim Arias

I'm a pediatrician living in Las Vegas, with a wife and four kids who are very excited about their upcoming adventure. This summer we will be joining the pioneers of Neve Chabad!

Parshas Balak: My Impatient Patients

Today my car thermometer read 118F.  But at least it’s a dry heat, right? That’s what everyone in Las Vegas says as a mantra from June through September. G-d willing this will be our last summer in Vegas heat… in just over a month my family will be joining the Neve Chabad pioneers in […]

Living Intentionally

We have all heard the story of the famous Chassidic sage Reb Zusya of Anipoli when he wept uncontrollably on his deathbed. His students were puzzled why one of the most learned and pious rabbis of the age was so scared of death.

He explained his distress to his disciples, “I’m not afraid that the […]