Dani Sacks

About Dani Sacks

My family and I made Aliya from South Africa seven months ago. My wife (Leiba) and I have been blessed with four beautiful children, K'H. It has been our dream to return to Eretz Yisroel since our first year of marriage, when we lived in Israel.

Only in Israel: Commuting

Today I woke up at 05:30AM to catch a bus before catching a 2.5 hour train ride to Modiin from Beersheva. We have not bought a car as of yet so this is one of the options of travel. I choose this over a 1.5 hour bus ride and you are probably asking WHY.
Well […]

Seeing Through the Eyes of Our Ancestors

Where one man sees a master piece, another merely sees a paint explosion. It is our outlook that allows us to appreciate the world around us for what it really is.
I always wondered why it was that those closest often don’t see the full picture. How can so many so close to the source […]