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Proud Chicago native, even prouder Israeli citizen, living in Be'er Sheva with my husband Yossi and baby daughter Sudy. I love writing, reading others' writing, getting to know people, and building stacking cup towers with my little sunshine girl.

Cheshvan Highlights: Travelling Around!

We are all familiar with Chodesh Cheshvan’s reputation: rainy, quiet, a lull in activity between the Chagim of Tishrei and the light-filled month of Kislev. But in our Neve Chabad community, Cheshvan was anything but dull or boring! 

Chodesh Cheshvan was kicked off with the most anticipated event of the year: our annual Neve Chabad […]

A Look Back at Neve Chabad Team Building Shabbaton 5779

Amid much anticipation and excitement, on October 12, 2018 – the 3rd of Cheshvan, the Neve Chabad community boarded the bus en route to our annual Shabbaton.

This year’s Shabbaton took place in the nearby Negev gem, Kibbutz Kramim. This picturesque location was peaceful, beautiful, and provided our community with the perfect atmosphere of growth […]

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Elul Highlights: Welcomes Abound!

The month of Elul. Getting in our last licks of a sunny, carefree summer, then returning to the “shigrah” – routine, schedule… back to the grind. What has Neve Chabad been up to during the month of Elul? 

The Big Moment. Neve Chabad families were lucky enough to greet the Arias family on the tarmac […]

Av Highlights: From Mourning to Celebration

It’s summertime and we’ve been as busy as ever here in Neve Chabad! Check out what we’ve been up to during the month of Av:

Women’s Rosh Chodesh Av Party: Jewish women from around Be’er Sheva enjoyed an evening out exploring their creative side by participating in a colorful mural-making project while learning some insights […]