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Living in Be'er Sheva with my family, dedicated to building Neve Chabad. Working in SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing.

The Day I’ll Wish for Struggle


You greeted me the moment I was born, you never failed to find me. You tagged along on lonely days and times of distress. You made me a man and showed me who I am, and what I can do. Every time you came forward I met you with pride, and every time, departed […]

Reb Meilech Zweibel

I just heard the news of Reb Meilech’s passing. It’s hard to put anything into words, but it’s important, so here are some thoughts and stories:
When I was a student in Manchester Yeshiva, I read through Lekutei Diburim and didn’t understand how it was possible that no one was teaching us how to Daven […]