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I'm Haifa born, California raised. I was originally inspired by Neve Chabad because it reminded me of the pioneering spirit I grew up with as a madricha in the labor zionist youth movement. Idealistic. Pioneering. Connected to Israel. Revolutionary. But religious. Chabad. Which is what I am today. I am married to Ezzy and mother of seven gorgeous little ones. Also I'm a civil environmental engineer, sometimes painter, and occasional yoga instructor.

A Window to the Desert

I love painting in the desert.

The desert is
Simplicity and calm.
Landscape opens, so do the minds.
Let go of clutter, enter light.
Maybe we can receive the Torah. Again. Here.
Or Hear Hashem in the wind.
So I sit and breathe it in. Gulp it in can’t get enough.
And I paint it out. And hope to carry it with […]

No Longer Neglecting My Dreams

This is about our dreams.

How often do we neglect our dreams? Or have we forgotten what they are, like an old suit dusty in the attic?

So one of my most outlandish dreams, as a mother raising seven kids (thank G-d) and working full time as an engineer, was that I’d display my paintings in […]

The Quick and Classic Healthy Israeli Breakfast

I’m always rushing in the morning, and usually skip breakfast. A shot of espresso with milk and ice goes a long way.

But when I do decide to have breakfast, it should be healthy, tasty, satisfying, and QUICK.
Today I was actually able to get out of bed without hitting snooze (secrets revealed! Don’t tell anyone!), […]

Delicious and Homey Pear Tart

Truth be told, I have a strong dislike for blogs, Facebook and social media.

So much so that this is actually my first blog post EVER. I mean, I avoid any media that increases competition and my personal feeling of inadequacy compared to everyone’s parenting/housekeeping/skiing/traveling/cooking skills… You get it.

So I’ll preface this post by saying […]

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