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Michal Shaffier. Wife of the amazing Aaron Shaffier. Mother of a bunch of blue eyed babies and one green eyed little guy. Chabadnik. Pilates enthusiast. I love exploring Israel and I love listening to people tell their stories.

Pesach Picnic in Be’er Sheva!

Chol Hamoed Picnic!
The 4th annual picnic of Chabad English Speakers in Israel is almost here:) The Picnic and Barbeque is hosted this year by the Neve Chabad community in Be’er Sheva in partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh and Chabad of Be’er Sheva.

We’ll provide Barbequed wings and wine, bring everything else.

Picnic starts at 2 PM at […]

Aliyah Musings

When there are lists online like 18 Surprising Things about Mothering in Turkey, or 10 Habits of Happy People. I’m there. You know the girl who starts a project by making a list? That’s me. I literally have an appetite for lists and categorizing and organizing. We’ve got 8 kids k’ah and lucky me […]