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Hi! I'm Michla, a pioneering member of Neve Chabad, and mom to two adorable kiddos.

Life in Be’er Sheva: Grocery Shopping Edition

Today, our neighbor invited me over to look through bags of toys someone had passed on to her. She noticed we have a few little ones and wanted to give some to us. As I was chatting with her, she asked me all about why we are here, etc.,  and she asked me if […]

The Newcomer’s Guide to Shopping in Be’er Sheva

As our two year Aliyah-versary is approaching, I wanted to share some of what I have learned in this short time. We love living in Be’er Sheva for many reasons. Everything is accessible and people are friendly. One of the smaller adjustments we have had to make, and is still a learning process, has […]

Our Favourite Day of the Week – Shabbos

Shabbos in Israel is something that I hope I’ll never take for granted.  There is nothing like it. Even in the desert city of Be’er Sheva, our children constantly look forward to it, asking me multiple times a week, “is it Shabbos?”

Coming from the states there are so many new things to adapt to. One […]

Life in the Negev

Sandstorms. Hebrew. New people. Offices that close every day in middle of the day for a few hours. Bamba everywhere we turn. This is all part of our warm welcome we got on our arrival to our new home in the Negev.

The sandstorms only took a couple of them until we, including the kids, […]