Miriam Wolfe

About Miriam Wolfe

I am a psychologist & psychoanalyst treating children & adults. My husband Reuven and I made aliyah in November 2017. Neve Chabad is a vibrant, welcoming, and supportive community of amazing people and we are blessed to join them. It was bittersweet to leave our family home in Chicago but the Neve Chabad have helped us at every turn to make our transition much less bumpy.

241 Days and Counting

We help each other. Being helped inspires us to be helpful.
My husband and I made aliyah 241 days ago, but then 231 days ago he had to return to the United States to finish out his contract. Before he departed we found a place to live near the other Be’er Sheva based Neve-niks, and […]

Last Minute

The day preceding the evening of Pesach, we were like so many others occupied with last minute shopping, last minute cleaning, last minute cooking — all those things we’ve been doing for weeks, but there always to seems to be a little more to do. Finally, the children bathed and dressed in their finest, […]