For thousands of years our ancestors dreamed of living in the Holy Land. Some dared travel for months – by foot, wagon, and boat, though few managed to survive the trek. Imagine how shocked they would be if they knew that their descendants would be able to fly to the land of their dreams for free? No doubt they’d think it was Moshiach times.

Keeping Things Together When You Arrive

It’s official! Our family made aliyah to join Neve Chabad a full four years ago! It’s been an incredible journey, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Mostly, we’ve learnt that it is possible to make dreams a reality – even when the road ahead might seem bumpy. The process of moving across the world […]

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Aliyah Musings: Handing it to the Kids

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook and bake for people. Must be why my absolute favorite mitzvah is cooking a meal for a family who just had a baby or G-d forbid when someone isn’t well.  This mitzvah is something I loved doing in my old community in Las Vegas […]

Am I Still New Here?

Making Aliyah has its benefits. But how long is one really considered an olah chadasha? For how much longer can I milk my excuse, “but I’m an olah chadasha,” in order to get better service (maybe?) and be excused for my grammar mistakes. When I first made Aliyah, I liked to tell people, “we’re […]

The Picnic of the Year Hit Off Again!

Over 150 Chabad English speakers, from all over Israel, gathered in Gan HaPaamon in Be’er Sheva on a beautiful Chol HaMoed Pesach afternoon, to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones, while enjoying a delicious barbecue. The kids played while the adults farbrenged, conversed, and enjoyed this much-anticipated event.

Five years ago, members of […]