For thousands of years our ancestors dreamed of living in the Holy Land. Some dared travel for months – by foot, wagon, and boat, though few managed to survive the trek. Imagine how shocked they would be if they knew that their descendants would be able to fly to the land of their dreams for free? No doubt they’d think it was Moshiach times.

Isn’t It Boiling Hot in the Negev?

Okay, let me start by saying that I come from Canada.

A few months before we arrived we had no electricity because of ice. Seriously. Somehow everything got coated in four inches of ice. That means that a whole bunch of trees collapsed under the weight, and took down the electric wires with them. Which also […]

I’m Finally Home

I’m finally home.

I’m home when I walk through the streets and wonder if my forefather Avraham walked on the same spot as me. When I read through the parsha and find the name of my city right there. When I touch the walls of the kotel and tremble at the thought of what it […]