Chassidus isn’t just for the books – it needs to come to life. Join us as we discover how to bring the text to reality, and implement it in out daily lives.

Parshas Balak: My Impatient Patients

Today my car thermometer read 118F.  But at least it’s a dry heat, right? That’s what everyone in Las Vegas says as a mantra from June through September. G-d willing this will be our last summer in Vegas heat… in just over a month my family will be joining the Neve Chabad pioneers in […]

The Scream Heard Around the World

An aged but tough looking man came running up to the Tefillin stand I was manning at the mall in Be’er Sheva this Friday. I don’t know him but my fellow Neve Chabad members Mendy Efune, Chaim Lichy, and I, man this stand every week and I’ve seen him many times before. Around 70 years old, […]

The Teacher Who Confused Me the Most

I still think a lot about that day in Junior High, when my teacher really confused me. It was definitely not the first time a teacher had confused me, nor the last, but it was definitely the longest confusion a teacher had thrown me into.

It started innocently enough. She told us an interesting story […]

Last Minute

The day preceding the evening of Pesach, we were like so many others occupied with last minute shopping, last minute cleaning, last minute cooking — all those things we’ve been doing for weeks, but there always to seems to be a little more to do. Finally, the children bathed and dressed in their finest, […]