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Moshiachtech Times

I had an epiphany. 

Hashem makes sure all we need to have in this world for moshiach’s arrival is set in place. He’s preparing this world for his coming.

Comparing how we lived thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, decades ago, to how we live today, we can see how the pace of change […]

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Parshas Balak: My Impatient Patients

Today my car thermometer read 118F.  But at least it’s a dry heat, right? That’s what everyone in Las Vegas says as a mantra from June through September. G-d willing this will be our last summer in Vegas heat… in just over a month my family will be joining the Neve Chabad pioneers in […]

The Scream Heard Around the World

An aged but tough looking man came running up to the Tefillin stand I was manning at the mall in Be’er Sheva this Friday. I don’t know him but my fellow Neve Chabad members Mendy Efune, Chaim Lichy, and I, man this stand every week and I’ve seen him many times before. Around 70 years old, […]

The Teacher Who Confused Me the Most

I still think a lot about that day in Junior High, when my teacher really confused me. It was definitely not the first time a teacher had confused me, nor the last, but it was definitely the longest confusion a teacher had thrown me into.

It started innocently enough. She told us an interesting story […]