There’s nothing like home. The land where everyone is family, Torah comes to life, and G-d’s presence is felt.

Isn’t It Boiling Hot in the Negev?

Okay, let me start by saying that I come from Canada.

A few months before we arrived we had no electricity because of ice. Seriously. Somehow everything got coated in four inches of ice. That means that a whole bunch of trees collapsed under the weight, and took down the electric wires with them. Which also […]

Aliyah Musings

When there are lists online like 18 Surprising Things about Mothering in Turkey, or 10 Habits of Happy People. I’m there. You know the girl who starts a project by making a list? That’s me. I literally have an appetite for lists and categorizing and organizing. We’ve got 8 kids k’ah and lucky me […]

I’m Finally Home

I’m finally home.

I’m home when I walk through the streets and wonder if my forefather Avraham walked on the same spot as me. When I read through the parsha and find the name of my city right there. When I touch the walls of the kotel and tremble at the thought of what it […]

Life in the Negev

Sandstorms. Hebrew. New people. Offices that close every day in middle of the day for a few hours. Bamba everywhere we turn. This is all part of our warm welcome we got on our arrival to our new home in the Negev.

The sandstorms only took a couple of them until we, including the kids, […]