Monthly Highlights

Kislev Highlights: Light it Up!

Ladies Rosh Chodesh Kislev. As usual, the month started off with an inspirational Rosh Chodesh Kislev gathering for all English speaking ladies in Be’er Sheva. Hosted by Michla Lichy, who coordinates the Be’er Sheva Chabad House for English Speakers, the evening included a talk about creating light in the world, and a beautiful lamp-making […]

Cheshvan Highlights: Travelling Around!

We are all familiar with Chodesh Cheshvan’s reputation: rainy, quiet, a lull in activity between the Chagim of Tishrei and the light-filled month of Kislev. But in our Neve Chabad community, Cheshvan was anything but dull or boring! 

Chodesh Cheshvan was kicked off with the most anticipated event of the year: our annual Neve Chabad […]

Tishrei Highlights: Bonding with Our Creator & Community

Rosh Hashanah for English Speakers. Following the success of last year, and many requests for a repeat, Neve Chabad community members partnered up with the Central Chabad House to host a communal Rosh Hashanah meal for English speakers in Be’er Sheva. The atmosphere was incredible, with over 60 guests enjoying a family atmosphere in a […]

5778 Highlights: A Year of Community

What’s in a year? Joy and struggle, calm and worry, growth and setbacks – all the stuff life throws at us. But all these things become so much more meaningful when it comes together with an important mission, and a supportive community to walk together with.

Join us for a nostalgic peek back at this […]