Life in the Negev

Tammuz Highlights: Out and About

Join us on a journey through the month of Tammuz with the Neve Chabad community. In Neve Chabad, there is always an event to look forward to or a program to participate in. Want to see what great community spirit looks like? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some Tammuz highlights:

Gimmel […]

Life in Be’er Sheva: Grocery Shopping Edition

Today, our neighbor invited me over to look through bags of toys someone had passed on to her. She noticed we have a few little ones and wanted to give some to us. As I was chatting with her, she asked me all about why we are here, etc.,  and she asked me if […]

Pesach Picnic in Be’er Sheva!

Chol Hamoed Picnic!
The 4th annual picnic of Chabad English Speakers in Israel is almost here:) The Picnic and Barbeque is hosted this year by the Neve Chabad community in Be’er Sheva in partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh and Chabad of Be’er Sheva.

We’ll provide Barbequed wings and wine, bring everything else.

Picnic starts at 2 PM at […]

Only in Israel: Commuting

Today I woke up at 05:30AM to catch a bus before catching a 2.5 hour train ride to Modiin from Beersheva. We have not bought a car as of yet so this is one of the options of travel. I choose this over a 1.5 hour bus ride and you are probably asking WHY.
Well […]