Our Journey

We’re starting from scratch, and we’re stopping at nothing. Follow our journey as we create the community that brings Chassidus to life.

What Does it Take to Build a New Town?

We’re two years in, and we’ve got a long journey ahead. So what are we doing, and what do we need to do to get our town?

When we started out, we barely knew a thing. Okay, we didn’t know anything. We had one email address for someone who might be able to help us, […]

24 Things That Are Normal When You’re in Neve Chabad

While we wait for the future site of Neve Chabad to be ready, our group is gathered in Be’er Sheva, building up our community spirit and preparing for all things ahead.

Between weekly shiurim and farbrengens, everyday playdates and shopping trips, and all things community spirit, here are some things that have become the norm […]

What Kind of Neve Chabadnik Are You?

Neve Chabad has various roles that need to be filled. Community members have the opportunity to contribute in their own way, and each member is an important piece of our community puzzle. Here are a few to get the ball rolling.

The Community Organizers Are you organized, outgoing, and creative? Can you coordinate cooperative efforts, […]

Settling in a Living Legacy

Michigan, New Jersey, Alabama, The Philippines, Mexico, Georgia, Spain, California. These are the places I lived before making Aliyah. Everything in this world has a purpose. What good could come out of living in all these places? These places have given me a reason to fall in love with Israel.  Not only to fall […]