Our Journey

We’re starting from scratch, and we’re stopping at nothing. Follow our journey as we create the community that brings Chassidus to life.

Mach Do Eretz Yisroel

Last week, 8 years since we made Aliya, we moved our family to Be’er Sheva to join the other families who are here focusing on this Yishuv project. Yesterday I got word that our good friends Leah and Dovid Hagelberg had their first baby, a healthy, beautiful girl. The combination of moving here and getting […]

Why We’re Doing This

As parents of eight kids, it’s not easy to make the decision to get involved in a project like Neve Chabad. We know that there will be several years of hard work and struggle till we get our village, and then several more years of building it to what we envision. Before we see […]

Life in the Negev

Sandstorms. Hebrew. New people. Offices that close every day in middle of the day for a few hours. Bamba everywhere we turn. This is all part of our warm welcome we got on our arrival to our new home in the Negev.

The sandstorms only took a couple of them until we, including the kids, […]