Wanted: Chabad Pioneers

There’s a new opportunity on the map.

For those young Chabad families who want to live everyday life with a goal, to create solutions, and build a beautiful future – it’s time to be a pioneer.

Join us in building a new center for Chabad life. Help us build a town where everybody is a representative […]

Reb Meilech Zweibel

I just heard the news of Reb Meilech’s passing. It’s hard to put anything into words, but it’s important, so here are some thoughts and stories:
When I was a student in Manchester Yeshiva, I read through Lekutei Diburim and didn’t understand how it was possible that no one was teaching us how to Daven […]

Dear Twelve-Year-Old Me

Dear Twelve-Year-Old Me,

Over the next few years, many people will come speak to you and your classmates about modesty.

Don’t listen to any of them.

Don’t listen to the speakers who tell you that your body needs to be hidden like a valuable object that will be degraded if it’s seen by the wrong eyes. Don’t […]

I’m Finally Home

I’m finally home.

I’m home when I walk through the streets and wonder if my forefather Avraham walked on the same spot as me. When I read through the parsha and find the name of my city right there. When I touch the walls of the kotel and tremble at the thought of what it […]