The Quick and Classic Healthy Israeli Breakfast

I’m always rushing in the morning, and usually skip breakfast. A shot of espresso with milk and ice goes a long way.

But when I do decide to have breakfast, it should be healthy, tasty, satisfying, and QUICK.
Today I was actually able to get out of bed without hitting snooze (secrets revealed! Don’t tell anyone!), […]

Delicious and Homey Pear Tart

Truth be told, I have a strong dislike for blogs, Facebook and social media.

So much so that this is actually my first blog post EVER. I mean, I avoid any media that increases competition and my personal feeling of inadequacy compared to everyone’s parenting/housekeeping/skiing/traveling/cooking skills… You get it.

So I’ll preface this post by saying […]

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The Two Best Israeli Cheesecake Recipes

As a foreigner living in Israel, there is a lot about life here that I had to get used to. Such as: being pushy and relentless is not optional, it’s a basic survival skill. You will get reprimanded for parading your baby around sockless if the weather is anywhere below 95F. Berries are basically […]