I had an epiphany. 

Image: www.h-i-h.co.il

Hashem makes sure all we need to have in this world for moshiach’s arrival is set in place. He’s preparing this world for his coming.

Comparing how we lived thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, decades ago, to how we live today, we can see how the pace of change has sped up. Look at how quickly technology has advanced and evolved! And I ask myself, for what? Why would Hashem want us to discover the greatest time savers yet paradoxically, the greatest time wasters of all time? Washing machines. Dish washers. Cars. Toasters. They’ve made our jobs much easier, yet somehow our days are more filled than ever. For example: Instead of spending 6 hours a week by a water stream washing the two sets of clothes we owned, we are now spending 12 hours a week loading, unloading, sorting, hanging, and folding, our multiple changes of clothes. 

And phones. As much as they save us time from walking to the other side of town to invite someone to a birthday party, or sending a snail mail invitation, the amount of time spent on WhatsApp (according to a 2016 research, roughly half an hour a day for the average american, though I’d venture to say a lot longer for those of us on Torah study and community groups) is longer than the round-trip trek. So what do we need all this for? How does it enhance our lives and make this world a better place?

I have a theory. Hashem is planting the seeds for Moshiach’s arrival and every discovered land, medical breakthrough and technology is here for that purpose. Take transportation for example. Years ago, getting to Eretz Yisroel once Moshiach arrived would have taken weeks – if not months, had we had to travel bederach hateva (the natural way). Now, with the newest up and coming jet engine airplane, the Boom Supersonic, you will be able to get from NYC to TLV in about 4 hours. 

With self-driving cars, we’ll be able to program the car to bring us directly to the Beis Hamikdash without getting lost or having to busy ourselves with watching the road. 

Envision this.

Drone cameras documenting the whole procession from a bird’s eye view, capturing the throngs of people flooding in from all corners of the world en-masse, and of course sharing it on Facebook live for all the people of the world to see.

Announcements will be reverberating throughout the city from loud speakers in HD surround sound, publicizing the Mazal Tovs of those holy Tzaddikim who have been reborn from their graves. 

Digital projections displaying signage that quickly and efficiently mark “this way to get Tahor (pure),” and “Leviim, apply for certification of Kohein status here.” “Tonight at 6 in the Heichal (hall) of the Beis Hamikdash, join us for Menorah lighting. Free admission.” etc.

And WhatsApp, good ‘ole WhatsApp will be the most powerful tool that will make the announcement of the coming of Moshiach go viral! It will be passed from group to group, shared with billions of people within minutes, finally a positive Amber Alert. In this way, the entire world will know Hashem is King and that the time of Moshiach has finally arrived! 

Hashem, we are prepared. We have everything set in place. We have discovered enough to join with Moshiach at any given moment. Let us prove to You how efficient we can make this coming of Moshiach be, speedily in our days. We won’t waste a second.