What’s in a year? Joy and struggle, calm and worry, growth and setbacks – all the stuff life throws at us. But all these things become so much more meaningful when it comes together with an important mission, and a supportive community to walk together with.

Join us for a nostalgic peek back at this past year, with the Neve Chabad community.

5778 with Neve Chabad

Some of the Highlights:


  • Rosh Hashanah community meal for Be’er Sheva English speakers with Chabad of Be’er Sheva, supported by Nefesh B’Nefesh.
  • Pre Yom Kippur women’s gathering, with a kumzitz pro.
  • Community Sukkos party and farbrengen, with Zehava’s legendary french fries.



  • At long last! The Wolfes make aliyah and arrive in Israel to join the Neve Chabad community in Be’er Sheva!
  • As we get back into the school routine, baby playdates become even more routine!
  • Mendel Arky’s fourth birthday barbecue!



  • Community chanukah party! With a special chocolate coin making activity for the kids.



  • Michla Lichy and Zehava Arky win a Nefesh B’Nefesh entrepreneur award for their new idea – Hubsheva!
  • Yisroel Shaffier begins wearing tefillin – a pair his father wrote just for him.
  • “Darom Adom” a trip to see the beautiful red flowers popping up in the Negev desert.



  • Yud Shvat women’s event with Chabad of Be’er Sheva.
  • Mommy & Me program begins!
  • Tubishvat gathering – Israeli stores fill up with the best Tubishvat treats!
  • Chef Beis Shvat women’s evening with Chabad of Be’er Sheva.
  • “Hachnasa LCheder” Yehuda Leib and Avi begin Cheder.



  • Kids club make fancy Purim cards.
  • The community joins together for two joyous Purim meals, and then dessert all together!
  • Yisroel Shaffier’s Bar Mitzvah!



  • Kids club go on a picnic to the new Park Hayeladim in Be’er Sheva – a park complete with a fish and duck pond, and incredible climbing structures!
  • A trip with Nefesh B’Nefesh through incredible archeology found in the Negev.
  • Annual Chabad English Speakers picnic – hosted by Neve Chabad in Be’er Sheva! Bonus: we met the Shuchats for the first time…



  • Barbecue season has begun! Starting with a fun bean hunt activity for the kids.
  • At a barbecue, we spontaneously put together a fun video, “What Does Neve Chabad Mean to Me?”
  • Lag Baomer in Be’er Sheva is so busy! We chose to join the greater Chabad of Be’er Sheva for the many parades and programs going on.



  • The kids club get together to make the most delicious cheesecakes we’ve ever seen!
  • Everyone cooks up a storm to join together for a delicious dairy Shavuos meal.
  • A relaxed community barbecue, where we put together a video to later welcome the Arias family.



  • The men and women each have special farbrengens to reflect on Gimmel Tammuz.
  • Our very first Meet & Greet! In Yerushalayim.
  • Devorah Leah Mooseek’s Bas Mitzvah!
  • The kids have an epic water fight in the park.
  • The Shuchats join Neve Chabad! We are thrilled to welcome another family to the team.
  • Kids club is busy as usual, this time with a new arts and crafts supply for the summer.



  • The community joins together for a Shabbos potluck meal, a new tradition we all love.
  • The Lazerson family makes Aliyah, and after two weeks of exploring, choose to join Neve Chabad!
  • Welcome barbecue for the Lazerson family!
  • Freida Shaffier’s Bas Mitzvah!
  • Hubsheva Grand Opening! We are incredibly proud of Michla and Zehava, our newest Neve Chabad entrepreneurs.
  • The kids take over the mivtzoyim table at the mall, giving out Shabbat candles to the many visitors.
  • After four years in combat, and 10 in reserve duty as a commander in a combat unit, Ezzy Morgenstern becomes a Rabbi in the IDF Rabbanut.



  • Back to school for the boys!
  • The Arias family make aliyah to join Neve Chabad! (We finally get to show them that video we made.)
  • Welcome barbecue for the Arias family! Our biggest Neve Chabad barbecue ever.
  • Kids club get to know their new friends over pizza and ice cream.
  • Dr. Wolfe begins practicing in Israel!
  • Town Hall meeting is so full – time to buy new chairs!
  • Back to school for everyone! So many Neve Chabad classmates to help each other out.
  • Kids club get together for homework help (thank you Rivky!) and team building.
  • We are getting ready for Rosh Hashanah!

Thank you for following our incredible journey. We wish you a sweet new year, written in the book of good!