It’s summertime and we’ve been as busy as ever here in Neve Chabad! Check out what we’ve been up to during the month of Av:

  • Women’s Rosh Chodesh Av Party: Jewish women from around Be’er Sheva enjoyed an evening out exploring their creative side by participating in a colorful mural-making project while learning some insights about the month of Av.

  • Potluck Shabbat Lunch: Neve Chabad families gathered at the Lichys and with true community spirit contributed to make Chodesh Av’s potluck Shabbat lunch the most enjoyable one yet!

Aren’t these flowers happy? On the first Shabbos of the month of Av, we take a break from mourning to celebrate the joy of Shabbos and Torah.

  • Concert at the Park: Singer Benny Friedman performed for 10,000 people at the annual childrens’ festival at a park in Be’er Sheva. Neve Chabad kids were thrilled to stay out past bedtime and participate in the festivities!

Way past bedtime!

  • Freida Shaffier’s Bat Mitzvah: Women and girls attended Freida’s lovely Bat Mitzvah celebration at the Shaffier home. The girls enjoyed creating beautiful photo-hanging boards. Mazal tov, Freida!

  • Miriam Wolfe’s Birthday Farbrengen: Miriam hosted a beautiful farbrengen for the women of Neve Chabad in her home on the night of her birthday. Niggunim were sung and Miriam shared some meaningful words of inspiration.
  • HubSheva Grand Opening: We are proud of our Neve Chabad entrepreneurs, Zehava Arky and Michla Lichy, for a successful evening celebrating the grand opening of their new business, HubSheva. Among those in attendance: family, friends, and the mayor of Be’er Sheva! You can check them out here: or on Facebook.

Rabbi Gorelik, head shliach to Be’er Sheva, putting up the first mezuzah in Hubsheva.

Zehava and Michla presenting a gift to Ruvik Danilovitch, Mayor of Be’er Sheva.

  • Sendoff BBQ: The boys are headed back to yeshiva, so we wished them farewell in style: with a community barbecue! After a nice dinner, the kids said (shouted) an enthusiastic round of the 12 psukim, and then had fun roasting marshmallows over the grill.

Time for the 12 Pesukim!

Must grill those marshmallows.

  • Mazel Tov to Ezzy Morgenstern! After four years in combat, and 10 in reserve duty as a commander in a combat unit, today he graduated a three week course to become a Rabbi in the IDF Rabbanut, and will be a battalion rabbi and chaplain. Ezzy is also a full time civil engineer and father of a lovely Neve Chabad family!

  • Sudy David’s Birthday Party: One of our youngest Neve Chabadniks celebrated her 2nd birthday with a Shabbat party at the park attended by all of her Be’er Sheva friends. Happy birthday little Sudy!

The precious birthday girl!