We are all familiar with Chodesh Cheshvan’s reputation: rainy, quiet, a lull in activity between the Chagim of Tishrei and the light-filled month of Kislev. But in our Neve Chabad community, Cheshvan was anything but dull or boring! 

Chodesh Cheshvan was kicked off with the most anticipated event of the year: our annual Neve Chabad Shabbaton! This year’s Shabbaton was B”H the biggest and most exciting one yet where almost 90 Neve Chabadniks participated in an unforgettable weekend filled with friendship and fun.

Thank you to Leah Arias for taking initiative, planning, and hosting a fun and enjoyable Mega Challah Bake! Women from all over Be’er Sheva gathered together for an impactful evening of Challah baking and words of inspiration. 

An idea which spent years on the back burner finally came to life thanks to Eli Goldblatt: a Neve Chabad camping trip! Tents were pitched and a bonfire was lit in a picturesque spot in the Yatir Forest, and an unforgettable camping experience was had by all. Thank you Eli for taking charge and organizing the trip!

Neve Chabad fathers and sons participated in a special father-son learning night at the Talmud Torah (local Chabad elementary boys school). What a special experience! We are so grateful to be part of a great school here in Be’er Sheva.

Ice cream sundaes and Chassidus: does it get better than that? The women had an extra dose of fun at the weekly ladies’ meeting when they walked in to a table set up as a complete ice cream bar, complete with all the toppings! After building spectacular ice cream sundaes, they sat down to learn some Chassidus and participate in a fun team building craft activity. Thank you Efunes for hosting an enjoyable evening, and to Michla and Leah for leading the craft.

Kids’ Club never fails to keep our elementary-aged kiddies occupied and entertained! On this month’s club agenda was fall-themed clay murals and lots of practical homework help. Thank you Rivky!

This month we started a new tradition: Kids Mesibas Shabbos with Mendy! The kids (parents welcome too!) gather for snacks, say the blessings and 12 pesukim, and hear a chassidic story from Mendy Efune.