The month of Elul. Getting in our last licks of a sunny, carefree summer, then returning to the “shigrah” – routine, schedule… back to the grind. What has Neve Chabad been up to during the month of Elul? 

The Big Moment. Neve Chabad families were lucky enough to greet the Arias family on the tarmac when they landed from America to make Eretz Yisrael their new home. They arrived on a plane full of new immigrants and after the plane landed, the new Olim and their greeters participated in a moving welcome ceremony organized by Nefesh B’Nefesh.

Welcome Barbecue. Our BBQs are famous for fostering an atmosphere of comradery and community spirit, not to mention loads of fun! We threw a BBQ party to welcome the Lazerson and Arias families to Be’er Sheva and Neve Chabad.

Kids’ Club Deluxe. Rivky never fails to keep the elementary-aged kids entertained and busy at Kids Club. There was not one, but two club meetings in Chodesh Elul! 1) An end-of-summer bash featuring pizza and ice cream. 2) back-to-school homework help and team building.

Dessert at the Park. How do you keep the kids entertained and the parents sane on long summer Shabbat afternoons? Take them to the park for a post-lunch dessert buffet! Everyone contributed a decadent dessert and we gathered in a shady park and let the kids romp around while the adults socialized.

Poppin’ Town Hall Meeting! Every couple months, Neve Chabad comes together for an important “town hall meeting” where we discuss logistical updates and community growth. This month’s town hall was the biggest and most exciting yet, and Baruch Hashem we could hardly fit all of us around the table!

Back to School! Neve Chabad kids returned to school through smiles and tears. Beginnings are exciting but can be rough. Luckily, our community is dedicated to helping one another through thick and thin, making challenging transitions happier and easier. 

Wishing you all a happy, sweet new year! Shana Tova from Neve Chabad!