Ladies Rosh Chodesh Kislev. As usual, the month started off with an inspirational Rosh Chodesh Kislev gathering for all English speaking ladies in Be’er Sheva. Hosted by Michla Lichy, who coordinates the Be’er Sheva Chabad House for English Speakers, the evening included a talk about creating light in the world, and a beautiful lamp-making project.

Moshe Eitan’s Upshern. Mazel Tov! Moshe Eitan turned three and got his very first haircut. Obviously we were all beaming with pride.

Kids club made it out of clay! We all know the song, but this time, the kids club actually did make dreidels out of clay – and some menorahs too!

Ladies Tes Kislev Farbrengen. The ladies of Neve Chabad marked the anniversary of the Mittler Rebbe’s birthday and passing with an intimate farbrengen (chassidic gathering). The discussion revolved around the life’s daily challenges and how to stay above them.

Town Hall & brainstorm session. This month we took Town Hall a step further and added in a brainstorm session. Led by Dr. Chaim Arias, we split into groups and returned after to share all the awesome new ideas that came up.

Ladies Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen. The Ladies of Neve Chabad gathered together with English speaking Chabad women of Be’er Sheva to mark the Chassidic “day of redemption.” The inspirational discussion lasted through the night, and delved into the very human side of Chassidic studies; how to avoid identity depression and instead focus on the healing that needs to be done in the world.

Mazel tov times two! Miriam and Dr. Reuven Wolfe had a very special week with the births of two new granddaughters! What a joy for us all!

Men’s coding class. Led by our very talented programmer, Sruly Lazerson, the men of Neve Chabad started with their first coding class, focusing on Linux backend development.

Mazel Tov to the David family! The Davids welcomed in a new baby girl! The whole Neve Chabad family is thrilled and and doting over the newest addition.

Ladies dreidel game night. I bet you didn’t know how competitive a dreidel game can get. The Neve Chabad ladies took it to the table with some added twists to the game, and one winner walked away with all the chocolate.

Neve Chabad kids can bake! Ever wondered how to make Chanukah shaped cookies? These kids gathered around the table to show you how. Prepare for some cuteness overload.

Time for a community Chanukah party! The Arias family whipped up a delicious and fun party for the Neve Chabad family to enjoy together. From the great food and company, to the awesome words of Torah, the whole thing was just perfect. To add to it, the talented Chani Goldblatt shocked us all by making paint cookies for all the kids. Check out the photos – yeah, she made those!! The kids couldn’t believe their luck… or that they were allowed to eat them after!


Happy Chanukah!