Join us on a journey through the month of Tammuz with the Neve Chabad community. In Neve Chabad, there is always an event to look forward to or a program to participate in. Want to see what great community spirit looks like? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some Tammuz highlights:

  • Gimmel Tammuz community potluck Kiddush and farbrengen. Each family brought a delicious dish to contribute to the Shabbat meal and gathered (or rather squished – our community is growing fast B”H!) at the Shaffiers home in honor of Gimmel Tammuz.
  • Women’s Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen. The ladies turned their regularly scheduled weekly meeting into a beautiful Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen open to all Be’er Sheva women. We sang niggunim and candidly shared thoughts and stories. Thank you Lichys for hosting such a meaningful, empowering event.
  • Tzivot HaShem Kids Club. Every week, Rivky Reznik runs an after-school kids program for our elementary school aged Neve Chabad kids. Some activities at this month’s clubs included watercolor painting, buying and organizing new art supplies for future club meetings, and a “movie night” featuring a seminary production viewing.

Trying out new watercolours at the kids club.

  • Men’s musical farbrengen. Thursday night means farbrengen night for the men of Neve Chabad, but did you know that our men are very musical? We’ve got pianists, guitarists, a cellist, drummer, flutist, and even a bassist! Ahead of the three weeks, they stepped out of the norm and pulled out their instruments for some extra beautiful niggunim.

Farbrengen selfie!

Can you spot the guitar and piano?

  • Mazal Tov Devorah Leah Mooseek! Women and girls of Neve Chabad partook in Devorah Leah’s beautiful Bat Mitzvah party. Sara (DL’s mom) even cooked all of the delicious food herself!

The much-loved Bat Mitzvah girl!

Some of the Neve Chabad guests.

  • Neve Chabad’s first Meet & Greet. Finally! A chance to meet the movers and shakers of Neve Chabad live and hear all about our endeavor. Our first meet and greet took place in Jerusalem, with more to come in a city near you.

Hearing about the opportunities of the Negev, from Alisson, the Nefesh B’Nefesh South Employment advisor.

Listening intently to a presentation about Neve Chabad’s mission.

  • Water fight! Neve Chabad kids (and adults!) gathered in the park on a hot Be’er Sheva afternoon to cool off in the funnest way possible. Thank you Miiko for facilitating this fun activity.

We’re not sure what’s happening in this photo, but it looks fun!

  • Welcome to the Shuchat family. Neve Chabad is so excited to welcome the Shuchats into our community. Originally from Montreal, the Shuchats made aliyah one year ago to Haifa, where Sholom Ber is pursuing his PhD in mechanical engineering at Technion. Malky studied special education at McGill University, and is completing certification to teach English in Israel. Neve Chabad families are looking forward to officially meeting them at our Chodesh Av Shabbat lunch potluck, which you’ll hear all about in next month’s newsletter – stay tuned!