Rosh Hashanah for English Speakers. Following the success of last year, and many requests for a repeat, Neve Chabad community members partnered up with the Central Chabad House to host a communal Rosh Hashanah meal for English speakers in Be’er Sheva. The atmosphere was incredible, with over 60 guests enjoying a family atmosphere in a language they were comfortable in. Thank you to Michla Lichy and Miiko Shaffier for organising, Rabbi Gorelik for the partnership, and everyone who helped out!

Party in the Sukkah! For the third year running, we got together in the Shaffier’s Sukkah for a delicious Sukkah party! This year we overflowed into the living room and out into the front yard, along with the grill.

Simchas Torah Potluck. Following a night and morning overflowing with candy and dancing, the Neve Chabad women, and some of the children, gathered at the Arias home for a potluck lunch and relaxing evening, while the men continued on at Shul with the rest of the kids. It made for a wonderfully balanced and enjoyable Simchas Torah for everyone!

Meeting in IKEA. Every Monday night the women get to gather to learn, plan, and chat. But this time, in a moment of fun spontaneity, the meeting was relocated to the new Be’er Sheva IKEA, which has a strictly kosher restaurant! This will definitely happen again.

Welcome to the Goldblatts! We LOVE welcoming new families! Tishrei was topped off with the wonderful announcement that the Goldblatt family is joining in on the incredible mission to build Neve Chabad. The Goldblatts made aliyah from Las Vegas, straight to Be’er Sheva, and settled in incredibly smoothly.

Kids Club Prepares. Our annual grand Shabbaton is coming up! Thanks to the kids club, we will have beautiful table settings. The kids were so eager to prepare, we have enough fancy napkins to add an extra meal to our day.

Stay tuned for next month’s highlights – we’ve got some great stuff coming!