While we wait for the future site of Neve Chabad to be ready, our group is gathered in Be’er Sheva, building up our community spirit and preparing for all things ahead.

Between weekly shiurim and farbrengens, everyday playdates and shopping trips, and all things community spirit, here are some things that have become the norm for Neve Chabad pioneers, as compiled by the group:

  1. Being called “Mommy” or “Daddy” by a kid that’s not actually yours.
  2. Your kids claiming it’s winter when it’s 65 degrees fahrenheit and windy out.
  3. Pushing a stroller full of chairs and a table across the street and down the block to fit everyone in one dining room.
  4. Answering a stranger’s inquiries about your Aliya and how you manage without family, you try explaining how you have this great group of friends…
  5. A “Farbrengen Box.”
  6. Feeling both insulted and pleased at the playground when your crying kid runs to a different parent for comfort.
  7. Cooking two meals for Shabbos – one being for your friend who just had a baby.
  8. Firing up the BBQ every week.

  9. Your supremely cranky baby finding comfort in the arms of a freshly landed Ethiopian grandma on the bus.
  10. Listening to your kids say a Dvar Torah in Hebrew.
  11. Being corrected by your kids when you repeat the 12 pesukim with the wrong accent.
  12. Defrosting 5 frozen chickens on your counter, only two of which are for your family.
  13. Instantly having a loving place to drop off your kids when an emergency comes up, like an MK’s advisor wanting to meet in a nearby town on ten minute’s notice.
  14. Your kids thinking fruit is a type of candy from Yerushalayim… Because shmita.
  15. Inviting a stranger in the store for a Shabbos meal, because they sound American.
  16. Walking to the Lichy’s house for an event every day of the week.
  17. Walking. A lot.
  18. Watching your not-yet-two-year-old climb up a four level ladder to the tallest slide you’ve ever seen – all while telling you to go away because they don’t need help.
  19. Sitting in a doctor’s office joking with the Ukrainian nurse about wedding dowry paid with camels… Until the Arab doctor shrugs you all off as silly. “Don’t you people know that camels are an expensive commodity!”
  20. Having new Olim crash at your place for a few days until they figure things out.
  21. Doing Neve Chabad math: 10 beds + 3 couches = sleeping room for two families of 10. More if there’s a laundry room.
  22. Bringing a bowl of water outside for the cats.
  23. Going to sleep with a smile, knowing that you’re living the dream.
  24. Waking up determined to make the world a better place.
Playground Happy