There’s a new opportunity on the map.

For those young Chabad families who want to live everyday life with a goal, to create solutions, and build a beautiful future – it’s time to be a pioneer.

Join us in building a new center for Chabad life. Help us build a town where everybody is a representative of Chassidus – everybody gets to take an active part in sharing Chassidic wisdom with the world.

Take part in the special mitzvah to build the Holy Land. Build not just a new town, but a beautiful community. Enjoy life as a part of a big family, where everyone takes care of their neighbours, and no one is alone. Raise your family in a safe and supportive atmosphere, with children who know what it means to give.

Create a place where people come from around the globe to learn about Judaism. Where youth of all backgrounds can join together to build and learn about their homeland, hands-on. Build a resort where vacationers can enjoy the natural beauty, and breathe in the spirituality. Live in a town where Chassidic wisdom comes to life, at every walkway, every corner.

It’s time to be a pioneer.

We’re looking for ambitious young Chabad families to come join our historical project, from the very beginning.

Our community is currently growing in Be’er Sheva. Our goal is not just to build a town and meet the neighbours – we want to build a real, strong community, and for that we need a head start. In Be’er Sheva we live in close proximity to each other, and behave as our community will once we have our town; we gather together weekly, look out for each other, have community committees and events, and know that we always have whom to rely on.

Be’er Sheva is a wonderful place to live. The Chabad schools are award winning and loving environments. The people are warm and calm. The city is complete with all the needs of daily life, and everything is very affordable. Be’er Sheva also boasts an up and coming tech scene, as the world’s new leader in cyber security.

While we’re in Be’er Sheva, we’re working together to promote the establishment of our new Yishuv. To do this, we partnered with OR Movement, a highly accomplished organisation which has already established 9 Yishuvim, and revived dozens more. We’ll be their next new Yishuv, and the next Yishuv to be established in the Negev.

We’ve also partnered with Nefesh B’Nefesh, creating a smooth path for new olim joining our community, and collaborating on events for the greater English speaking community of Be’er Sheva.

Of course we’re working in close contact with Chabad HQ, both here in Israel, and Merkos in New York.

It’s a long journey ahead, with some challenges along the way – but every step is rewarding, and the prize at the end is priceless.

So, what does it take to join our early pioneer team? Here are some of the most important elements:

  • Every member of Neve Chabad is a representative of Chabad and the Rebbe’s vision. We need members who are ready to uphold the standards that the Rebbe expected of us. Most importantly, we need a community that is always looking to grow in spirituality together.
  • Safe people. Our top priority is to keep our children safe. We do everything we can to weed out predators.
  • Community people. People who get along well with others, and love to give and share. Peace loving people who communicate well and avoid arguments. Good collaborators. People who will foster the warm community atmosphere that we love and enjoy.
  • Financially capable people. People who know how to job hunt, and keep a strong work ethic. There’s plenty help available for olim hunting for jobs in Israel – but at the end of the day, it’s up to the person searching. It’s a good idea to research your profession in advance – some careers do well in Israel (tech, marketing, engineering, medicine, for example), and some are more challenging.
  • Visionaries. This is a long-term mission with a challenging goal. We need to keep focused and determined. We need families who will keep the ambition alive, even when things get tough.
  • Vaccinated families. As a close-knit community with large families and little babies all around, disease control is very important. We have no room for error, and need to keep our children safe. (Exceptions can be made only for immunocompromised people, as long as we are able to keep safe herd immunity levels. We will do this under the advice of experienced medical professionals.)

Do you want to pioneer with us? Please fill in our application form, or contact us directly with questions.

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