Imagine a resort that relaxes and inspires you at the same time. Imagine being surrounded by Israel’s beauty, and breathing in its ancient secrets as you go about your day. Imagine a yeshiva that hosts your whole family in luxurious accommodations.

Imagine the Neve Chabad Resort.

This program will be available once our community is ready.


Neve Chabad Educational Resort

Where Chassidic Wisdom Comes to Life


The Neve Chabad educational resort will bring Jewish knowledge and Chassidic wisdom to life, providing both a revitalising and inspirational experience for international visitors of all backgrounds in the Holy Land of Israel.


  1. Provide visitors with a live Jewish education experience.
  2. Generate a tourism economy for the surrounding Negev region.
  3. Create sustainable jobs for the surrounding Negev region.


In order to guard its mission and goals, the Neve Chabad Educational Resort will be run as a non-profit. Revenue generated from visitors will be put directly back into initiatives in line with the mission and goals.

Target Audience

Initial Target Audience

Chabad international has an estimated reach of over 8,000,000 Jews in 100 countries. These Jews come from all backgrounds, the common denominator being a desire to connect with their Jewish roots. Many of these Jews would like to learn more, and spend time in a welcoming and embracing atmosphere, to gain a deeper understanding of Judaism. Chabad leaders around the world will be able to refer these connections to the Neve Chabad Educational Resort.

Secondary Target Audience

The secondary target audience is any person of any background with an interest in experiencing Judaism and Chassidic wisdom in a real-life atmosphere. Visitors of all kinds will be able to connect with the real-life inspirations and lessons, while creating a deep connection with the Land of Israel.

Jewish Education Retreats

The resort will host scheduled retreats with individual target audiences, according to topic.

The Experience

Entering the Neve Chabad resort will be entering a world of calm and luxury, with a powerful dose of inspiration. Chassidic wisdom is about bringing the divine into this world; in Neve Chabad, every element will bring this wisdom to life. Whether from a sign revealing the deeper insights of a tree; an outdoor activity that teaches practical life skills from the Torah; or an old school study partner for a morning lesson – guests will be welcomed to explore Judaism in every corner.

Resort guests will have the option to choose a more personalised experience – through a connection with a local resident, who may introduce them to the community, give a private tour, and even invite the guest to join their family for a traditional Shabbat meal.

Local Attractions

The resort already has several interesting attractions in place, including fascinating archeology and scenic hikes, which will be improved on with designated infrastructure and local tour guides. The resort will also include a state-of-the-art meditation garden, a night park for communal bonfire gatherings, and amenities such as a pool, spa, sauna, mikva, gym, and more.

Business-savvy residents of Neve Chabad will be encouraged to create local tourist attractions in sync with the resort’s mission. Suggested attractions include horseback riding, alpine slopes, Jeep tours, zip lining, exhibits of Jewish tradition, agricultural experiences, and anything that will bring Chassidic wisdom to life.

Integration with Bed & Breakfast Co-Op

Some Neve Chabad community members will own private Bed & Breakfasts next to their homes. These Bed & Breakfasts may join under a town co-op for marketing purposes, and quality assurance. Guests who would like a family-style or more unique experience may choose to stay in these. The Neve Chabad resort will welcome all local guests to join educational classes and activities.