I Won’t Go to Shul this Yom Kippur

I will not be going to shul on Yom Kippur this year. I didn’t attend last year, either. And that’s okay. I’m okay. I feel no guilt about it. I’m a nursing mother of a small child and I have no qualms about spending the holiest day of the year sweeping up Cheerios and […]

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Is the Love the Same?

I am sitting with my baby, and watching him. Every chance I get, I tell him how much I love him. And every time he looks at me, I smile at him.

I wonder.

Does he know how much I care for him? Can he understand how much love I have for him? That I will […]

The Holiday of Holidays

Today I have accomplished an assignment given to me by the Rebbe (through the Igros HaKodesh – a compilation of communications written by the Rebbe) two years ago, when my wife and I asked him for his blessing for our shidduch.

The Rebbe congratulated us, and encouraged us to have the wedding ASAP. He also […]

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