When Your Children Go Off to Pioneer

When our children Chaim and Michla first decided to make Aliyah and be part of Neve Chabad, we were very excited. It seemed like the perfect way for them to continue with how they were raised. Bringing more light into the world, helping others and getting the world ready for Moshiach. Plus, the added […]

Will Your Smartphone Bring Moshiach?

About three months ago I saw some chatter online about this new app called Periscope which allows people to live-broadcast from their phone. I’m always looking out for new ways to market my Tour guiding and my Mezuzah website. So I downloaded the app and started to check it out.

At first what I saw were a lot […]

Quarter Life Crisis

Of course, my quarter life crisis would happen late. I used to be late for everything, why change now?

I will be turning 30 next year. I rarely discuss this clandestine information with anyone. In my head, once you hit the 30’s, that’s it. Over the hill. Even if one becomes successful during their thirties, […]

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