Where Is the Rebbe?

One of the many things I love about Shabbos: I get to sit and read.

This past Shabbos I was sitting on the couch reading “Kfar Chabad,” a compilation of the Rebbe’s letters and talks about the day-to-day operations and development of Kfar Chabad. I managed to read a couple of lines before my very […]

What Does it Take to Build a New Town?

We’re two years in, and we’ve got a long journey ahead. So what are we doing, and what do we need to do to get our town?

When we started out, we barely knew a thing. Okay, we didn’t know anything. We had one email address for someone who might be able to help us, […]

The Holiday of Holidays

Today I have accomplished an assignment given to me by the Rebbe (through the Igros HaKodesh – a compilation of communications written by the Rebbe) two years ago, when my wife and I asked him for his blessing for our shidduch.

The Rebbe congratulated us, and encouraged us to have the wedding ASAP. He also […]

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