Our Pioneering Family

I love being part of such a special group of families. We come from all different backgrounds and many different places around the world, but we are bound together in a unique way. We’re like one big family. Most of us don’t have parents or family close by, which makes it even more valuable to […]

Does Chabad Do Aliyah?

I grew up hearing stories about my Zeide, known as Professor Avraham Polichenco – or as the Rebbe called him – the chossid from Argentina. He had helped many people find happiness and Judaism. People tell stories about how he saved their life. He also had a very close connection to the Rebbe.

Over fifty years […]

Chasing the Dream

Sometimes we’re gifted with a dream; it floats in front of us, sparkling, and occasionally dancing to its own enchanting tune. The dream will play with our imagination and grow to glorious sizes as we stare at it in admiration. Eventually a day comes when it stops, and seems to lag behind. Then a […]

Mach Do Eretz Yisroel

Last week, 8 years since we made Aliya, we moved our family to Be’er Sheva to join the other families who are here focusing on this Yishuv project. Yesterday I got word that our good friends Leah and Dovid Hagelberg had their first baby, a healthy, beautiful girl. The combination of moving here and getting […]