The Day I Let Go of Shlichus

When I was becoming frum in my late teens – early 20s, I was infatuated with my shluchim, the Lipskiers in Atlanta. Miriam was always beautiful and graceful, making gourmet meals and riveting speeches for tables of students that doubled in size every year. Rabbi Lipskier was non-judgmental and self-confident, even when students brought […]



Around and around in circles.

The sun comes up, and goes down again. Around and around. As if the first time wasn’t good enough, nor the second or the second millionth. He must try again, and again. And again.

Again. He must try again – just like the last time, but differently. The same sequence, the […]

Chasing the Dream

Sometimes we’re gifted with a dream; it floats in front of us, sparkling, and occasionally dancing to its own enchanting tune. The dream will play with our imagination and grow to glorious sizes as we stare at it in admiration. Eventually a day comes when it stops, and seems to lag behind. Then a […]