UNESCO is Pretty Much the First Thing G-d Warned Us About

So today UNESCO did the absurd: they adopted a resolution that denies Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. Aka the Har Habayis – where the first and then second Beis Hamikdash stood.


They claimed it a Muslim site, and mentioned nothing about the Jews or Torah we’ve been following for millennia.

It’s bizarre, but not shocking. […]

I Used to Think I Was an Alien

I used to think I was an alien.

On the bottom of Mars there’s a small town called “Whapton.” Whapton is sparsely populated, and its residents have to live with a unique problem. See, gravity works differently on Mars; everything gets pulled down towards Earth—so if you’re at the bottom, you need to constantly hold […]

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Living Intentionally

We have all heard the story of the famous Chassidic sage Reb Zusya of Anipoli when he wept uncontrollably on his deathbed. His students were puzzled why one of the most learned and pious rabbis of the age was so scared of death.

He explained his distress to his disciples, “I’m not afraid that the […]

The Mysterious Square Mountain and the Amazing Food Towers

I love Rashi; learning the parshah with Rashi can sometimes be truly rewarding. Especially when you’re influenced by the Rebbe’s Biurim.

We’re Parshas Eikev this week, and there you can find a somewhat peculiar Rashi on the passuk…
But the land, to which you pass to possess, is a land of mountains and valleys and absorbs […]