UNESCO is Pretty Much the First Thing G-d Warned Us About

So today UNESCO did the absurd: they adopted a resolution that denies Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. Aka the Har Habayis – where the first and then second Beis Hamikdash stood.


They claimed it a Muslim site, and mentioned nothing about the Jews or Torah we’ve been following for millennia.

It’s bizarre, but not shocking. […]

I Used to Think I Was an Alien

I used to think I was an alien.

On the bottom of Mars there’s a small town called “Whapton.” Whapton is sparsely populated, and its residents have to live with a unique problem. See, gravity works differently on Mars; everything gets pulled down towards Earth—so if you’re at the bottom, you need to constantly hold […]

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The Mysterious Square Mountain and the Amazing Food Towers

I love Rashi; learning the parshah with Rashi can sometimes be truly rewarding. Especially when you’re influenced by the Rebbe’s Biurim.

We’re Parshas Eikev this week, and there you can find a somewhat peculiar Rashi on the passuk…
But the land, to which you pass to possess, is a land of mountains and valleys and absorbs […]

Seeing Through the Eyes of Our Ancestors

Where one man sees a master piece, another merely sees a paint explosion. It is our outlook that allows us to appreciate the world around us for what it really is.
I always wondered why it was that those closest often don’t see the full picture. How can so many so close to the source […]