Today, our neighbor invited me over to look through bags of toys someone had passed on to her. She noticed we have a few little ones and wanted to give some to us. As I was chatting with her, she asked me all about why we are here, etc.,  and she asked me if I had my Shevet, my tribe of people that we can rely on. I happily answered, yes! We most definitely do, Baruch Hashem, both with our local friends that we have met since we moved here and our Neve Chabad family.

With our 3-year Aliyahversary quickly approaching, I have been thinking about how much I have learned and wanted to add some information to a Blog post from one year ago: So, I decided to write a new one!

Grocery Stores in B7

Osher Ad consistently has the lowest prices overall for pretty much everything. Their produce is decent quality, they have larger sizes of things like pasta, rice, cereals, spices and frozen foods. They carry random imported items from Costco in the US, like aluminum pans, garbage bags, and other assorted Kirkland Signature items. They carry a nice variety of Mehadrin Dairy, Meat and Poultry for the best local prices. They also carry frozen gluten free products for very low cost. However, they don’t have a cheese or fresh fish counter, and it is located in the Industrial Zone of Be’er Sheva, making it pretty inaccessible to people without a car. They do not offer delivery. (Shoutout to all my great friends that happily give me rides there to do a stock up shop!) My personal favorite things that I buy there are: fresh produce, frozen green beans, frozen rolls of Gefilte Fish, which cannot be found elsewhere in Be’er Sheva, 1.5 L of grape juice for around 10 shekel, aluminum pans, sliced cheeses for 30 shekel/kilo, pasta 3 900-gram packs for 12 NIS and Oppenheimer chocolate chips!



Machsanei HaShuk is our closest local grocery store. It has several accessible locations within a few minutes of our house, and offers delivery for a small charge. They recently developed an app that you can use to order groceries.  In general, their pricing is decent. They have weekly sales, and every Tuesday they have a special “Shlishi BaShuk” where they have huge specials on certain produce, which you receive as long as you spend at least 50 shekels on other products. In my opinion, it is very worth it. For instance, today, I bought apples for 5 NIS/K instead of the usual 9-12 NIS, sweet potatoes for 4 NIS instead of 9 NIS, zucchini for 5 instead of 9 NIS. They publicize these sales both on their facebook page and through distributing flyers to homes in the neighborhood. Their produce is not always the best quality, but once you’re here and figure out when they generally restock, you can get your best picks. They have a cheese counter, which generally has better prices than the pre-packaged cheeses, but I have found them to be the highest priced for diary items. Which brings me to my second favorite..

Rami Levy in my experience has the best consistent prices for good cheeses and dairy products. Their produce is consistently lower priced than other places, they have a nice array of random imported things as well, (not as much as Osher Ad, but it is there). Their legumes are also consistently lower priced than Machsanei Hashuk. They have  dairy, meat, and fish counters with great pricing. They offer a free Moadon (club card) which gets you the best deals, as well as some random rewards. There are 2 locations in Be’er Sheva, one in Mall7, and one in BIG. Both locations are not very centrally located, and both have pretty hectic lines and parking lots, but at the right time, it is a trip worth making.


Nitzat Haduvdevan is a local health food store located in Mall7 near Rami Levy. They have great priced grains and legumes in open containers, and offer 1 kilo of tofu for a great price. They also offer a great selection of organic items, including some fresh produce, all under one roof.


Shufersal has a great online order and delivery system. They have decent prices and a nice choice of some natural food products. The convenience of it definitely works for lots of people, but there are cheaper places to get certain things. If you are particular about hechshers, there are certain items that will not be consistent with their hechshers. They are great as far as customer service and will refund or replace things that are incorrect.


There are other great shopping options in Be’er Sheva, including the local Shuk,  an outdoor market with lots of vendors of all different things. Some vendors have a Kashrut certificate, and some don’t. If it’s important to you, just check before buying. There is a great local health food store called Rotem located in the Old City. They stock a nice range of things, including lots of herbs and natural products. The owner speaks English and is very helpful, even over the phone. All around the city there are places that sell dried fruits and Pitzuchim. A few larger stores that offer the same are: Teva – on the bottom floor of the Grand Kenyon, Kochav HaTavlinim on Rambam street in the Old City and Tavlinei Maimon in the BIG.

As with anything, prices and information written here are definitely subject to change. Living in this growing city of Be’er Sheva is quite an experience and I am looking forward to what the next three years will bring!


Happy Shopping!